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DC current transformer



The precision high-voltage DC current transformer is a kind of high-voltage electronic type DC mutual inductor researched and developed by our company, which is suitable for measuring the DC current with any waveform with the voltage level of 35kV or less. Its good performance enables it to be used in the fields of industrial control, data collection or system monitoring, etc. It has outstanding characters including mature, safe, reliable, compact and practical, etc. 



  • It is suitable for measuring DC current with any waveform; 

  • High precision, good linearity (≤ 0.2%); 

  • Has 2 types, namely the 2000A and 4000A based on the different shunts; 

  • Can output instantaneous voltage signal of -8V~+8V, and can directly drive all kinds of loads under 30mA; 

  • The detection system is mature, practical, reliable, compact and safe; 

  • Has good dust prevention, dampproof , quakeproof and anti-impact functions.





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