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220V Power Supply for Locomotive Crew



The CTR-PS-5kVA/220V-DL02 is an advanced on board power supply products specifically for feeding on board 220V/50Hz appliances such as heater, microwave stove, cooker, refrigerator and etc for the locomotive crew. This product is used for converting 74Vdc into 220V/50Hz single phase power supply. It is based on proven technology, thousands of locomotive product references and long time experience of Centerole Electric Transmission Technology Co.Ltd which is a JV with Germany in field of railway vehicles. This power supply product is good in performance, high in quality, robust in operation and easy in use.



The CTR-PS-5kVA/220V-DL02 has the following advanced features:

  • Good in performance;
  • Robust in operation;
  • Large safety margin;
  • High overload ability;
  • Low in harmonics;
  • Easy in use;
  • Compact in size;
  • Suitable for wide range of input voltage;
  • Safety for human.





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