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Simulators for Electric Automobile Batteries


The simulator for electric automobile battery is the test facility researched and developed by our company specially faced with relative manufacturing factories of electric automobiles, it has the DC output characteristics including high precision and high dynamic response, and it has the function to feedback energy for the power grid. It adopts all-digital control, which is of high control precision, quick response speed and wide output adjusting range. The battery simulation function can simulate the charging and discharging characters of batteries of all kinds of specifications, and then provides electric energy with battery characteristics for equipment like electrical machinery, battery storage inverter and charging pile, etc. The output has the programmable function, and can be used in many occasions through software setting. It can simulate the output characters of the battery like “constant voltage”, “constant current” and “constant internal resistance” etc. and the charging and discharging of battery, etc. Meanwhile this simulator has the current-limiting protection function for the connected testing equipment. This simulator can be used in the testing occasions like tests for drive motor of the electric automobile (controller), battery storage inverter, bothway battery charger of electric automobile and charging and discharging of high-capacity battery packs, etc.



The basic structure of simulator for electric automobile battery can be divided into 2 parts, the alternating-current rectification and DC transfer, the alternating-current rectification circuit adopts the AFE four-quadrant rectification technical scheme, which sharply reduces the content of harmonics in the input current at the power grid side, then the voltage of public DC bus is controlled strictly according to the given voltage without being affected by the voltage fluctuation at the power grid side and the change in the load of DC/DC transfer side, thus providing steady and constant DC voltage source for the DC/DC transfer, meanwhile the AFE four-quadrant rectification is convenient for the feedback of energy. The DC converting circuit is the bothway DC/DC transfer, it outputs the target voltage value according to the DC/DC transfer of the software setting, and the battery simulator will output relevant DC voltage to simulate batteries with different specifications of voltages, the battery simulator can show a “character of constant voltage”, “character of constant current” and “character of constant internal resistance” externally according to the predicted output external characteristic of the software setting. E.g., when testing the electric machinery with the battery simulator, the battery simulator shows a “character of constant voltage” externally according to the given voltage, then adjusts the output voltage to make the electric machinery work with different rotating speeds, the electric machinery works under an electromotion state when the voltage is raising or stays constant, the electric energy is from the power grid to the electric machinery, and the battery is under the “discharging’ condition, during the dynamic process of voltage reduction, the energy of electric machinery feeds back to the power grid through the DC/DC converter and the AFE, and the battery is under the “charging” condition. When there is fault in the tested electric machinery, the output of battery simulator is automatically converted to the “character of constant current” to protect the tested electric machinery.



  • The input side adopts the AFE four-quadrant rectification technical scheme, which has the advantages of high power factor at grid side, low current harmonics at grid side and accurate and steady public DC bus voltage, it is not affected by the voltage of power grid and DC/DC transfer side, and can guarantee the accuracy of output voltage of DC/DC transfer.
  • Adopt the AFE four-quadrant rectification and bothway DC/DC transfer technical scheme to realize the fast transition between the “discharging” and “charging” working conditions.
  • Have the DC source function, can be used with many machineries in parallel.
  • Adopt the rupture disc DC supporting capacitor, the work is safe and reliable, and the service life is long.
  • Adopt the annular heat pipe radiator, the efficient of heat dissipation is high, and it is safe and reliable.
  • The power modules are in common use and can change with each other, which is convenient for the maintenance of system.
  • Adopt colored touch screen, and the human-computer interface is friendly.
  • Have perfect fault diagnosis, failure warning and fault protection function.
  • The technology is mature, the property is advanced, the functions are complete, the quality is good, the structure is compact, the price is low and the use is convenient.



Environmental conditions



Main technical specifications




Battery simulator for Zibo Super Moto Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.)                                                                       1 set


Battery simulator for Taizhou Supervision and Inspection Institute (Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.)                                  1 set


Battery simulator for Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd (Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.)                                               1 set




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