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On-board Converter Testing Facility

Solution of frequency conversion


As the main manufacturing factory of static variable-frequency power source system for electrical motor tests in our country, our company has provided large amounts of variable-frequency power source systems to solve all kinds of high and low-voltage type tests and predelivery tests for manufacturing factories of electrical mechanicals and scientific research institutions, and has accumulated rich experience and performances. To meet the demands of type tests and predelivery tests of all kinds of electrical mechanicals in vehicle-mounted traction motors and helper driving systems of the railway main transmission system, our company researches and develops the static variable-frequency power source system faced with the vehicle-mounted variable frequency driving equipment on railways, and provides the most effective and convenient solution for the customers.

Static variable-frequency power source system can provide variable-frequency power sources with different rated voltage levels like 110V, 220V, 380V, 440V, 690V, 1140V and 2150V and the capacity can be as high as 3000VA, it can meet the demands of all kinds of type tests and predelivery tests of asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors, switch reluctance machines and continuous current dynamos.

The static variable-frequency power source system can provide data records for the tests and waveform records like voltage, current, temperature and speed, etc. of the tests, and the test results can be printed in the form of statistical graph. And the data records of long-distance oscilloscope waveform can also be provided. 



1. IGBT testbed in Shanghai Metro                      1 set

2. Testing system of electric locomotive traction motor    1 set

3. Testing system of diesel locomotive main traction phase module    1 set




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