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High-pressure Hall Currecnt Sensor

12KV Current Sensor


The high-pressure hall current sensor is a new type of high-pressure electric current transducer patented product developed by our company ,which is suitable for measuring the current with any frequency and waveform with the voltage level of 12kV or less . it is broadly used in the fields like all kinds of high-tension switch boards ,high-voltage inverters ,STATCOM(SVG) and light DC transmission converters , etc.  It has outstanding characters like mature safe , reliable, compact and practical ,etc.



• It is suitable for measuring the instantaneous current with any frequency and any waveform with the high potential (including DC); 

• The busbars with the specification of 10×50 or below can be directly traversed through the window of the sensor without insulating materials covered , and it can be conveniently lap joint on the high-pressure voltage sensor of our company or other insulators with the height of 130mm; 

• Through the dial switch, the users can select any rated current within the scope of 100A,200A,300A,500A,

1000A and 1500A; 

• Through the dial switch, the users can select any output standard within the scope of -4V~+4VA and - 150mV~+150mV;

• Through the short cap, the users can select any voltage of power supply from the scope of 15Vdc and 24Vdc; 

• The current signal with effective value of 4-20mA can be output through the current transducer that the CenteRole(Dalian) Co., Ltd specially assorted for this; 

• All the twice low-tension amphenol connectors connected to the external circuits and the potentiometer that adjusts the circuit parameters are installed at the bottom of the enclosure, which largely increases the security and use; 

• Mature, safe, reliable, compact and practical;

• Completely sealed ,has good dust prevention, dampproof, quakeproof and anti-impact functions.



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