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Company Profile

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Centerole Electric Transmission Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003, is a professional high technology company engaged in research and development of electronic power systems, devices and equipment; manufacturing and technical services. We specialized within all types of AC & DC electrical transmission systems, particularly strong in the region of static frequency conversion power supply system for electric machine test,We dominate the areas of researching & developing and manufacturing the railway frequency conversion power supply with its initiator.
Our products involve the series of static variable frequency power supplies for electric machine testing, series of variable frequency converters and inverters for industrial applications, series of variable frequency drivers for permanent magnetic electric machine, series of 4Q rectifiers, series of variable frequency power supplies for electrical automobile motor/driver testing, series of variable frequency converters and soft starters for marine, series of on-board converters for railway vehicles and series of MV/HV electrical appliances, with hundreds of varieties. In the meantime, based upon users specific technical requirements, we may customize products research and development, design, manufacturing and technical services, offers users with professional and efficient personalized solutions.
Our products have been widely applied within various regions include locomotive, oil, shipbuilding, coal and electricity. We are in the leading position technically in China and are highly popular among our users, thanks to the top rated features of cost-effectiveness, stability and reliability. Our products export to Germany and Italy directly and export to over ten countries located in Europe, Asia and Africa indirectly.
Furthermore, we are German enterprise Metallux's general agent in China, in terms of their high voltage precision resistors, high voltage precision resistive voltage divider, linear potentiometer, pressure sensors and joysticks product series. We now own 6 patents, 29 software copyright, 1 trademark, along with numerous core technologies and independent intellectual property rights. We also have been approved by the ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, 4 products have been approved by the China classification society as well as the Germany ABB laboratory.
Not only supported by the advanced technology, but also relied on the high quality products and services, we develop continuously with constant efforts, and will feedback our customers with top class quality products and services.